This weekend I had the opportunity to volunteer as emcee of the First Annual SEAKR Foundation Gala. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this organization, they are committed to helping the families of Colorado soldiers who have fallen in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I was reminded of the sacrifice of all those who put on a uniform to protect my way of life. I was also reminded of the ultimate price that sometimes must be paid, and the fact that this price is paid by their families as well.

This is a debt that we all owe. This is a debt that we cannot let go unpaid. People often debate the politics of the day, and forget that the very fact that we can have these open debates was paid for in blood.

Don’t let this sacrifice have been in vain. Participate in the process they protected. Let people hear your opinion on the path you feel this country should take. And, please, when you have the opportunity, reach out a hand to those who have stood for you, and those whom they have left behind.