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Statutes of Limitations – Don’t be S.O.L.

A common perception among business types is that when lawyers get involved they make work for themselves and kill the deal with their over-lawyering. I’m not here to argue with that. Instead, I just want to point out that sometimes we lawyers are, in fact, necessary.

I have pointed out before the folly of running a business without contracts and paperwork in place. But something else to consider is that if the other party has hired a lawyer, that lawyer probably isn’t working for you. And if he or she isn’t working for you, you should seriously consider getting one who is.

Contracts can be drafted fairly, or with a slight bias towards one party, or with a huge advantage to one side. As a non-lawyer, you might not be able to see the difference. Forum selection? Alternative Dispute Resolution? There are myriad subtle ways in which a contract can be better for one party than another.

Do yourself a favor and get someone who is definitely on your side to make sure that you are not at a disadvantage.